All done in Love is done well

  • September 2019
  • Yeha Noha Cafe, London

On 6th September 2019 I had an exhibition called ‘All done in Love is done well’ in Yeha Noha Cafe in London.

On The Path To My Inner Self

  • January 2019
  • Polish hearth club in south kensington

On 16th January 2019  I had my first exhibition called ‘On The Path To My Inner Self’, it was truly amazing evening filled with laughter and  beautiful energy. 

First Exhibitions Ever

  • 2016
  • Home

Encouraged by my beautiful friends despite beeing pregnant I decided to show my work in our house, that was in process of ‘final touches’. Do what makes you happy, make your dreams happen.

Woman in the World

  • 31 stycznia 2020
  • Riversie Venue, Heathrow